Boston-based SEO Consultant,
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Search engine optimization made personal.

The proof is in the results. I’m an independent SEO consultant who helps small, medium and large businesses bring more visitors to their websites with strategies that make people and algorithms happy.

Internal Training & SEO Coaching

One of the best ways to get inspiration or up your team’s game is with training and coaching. I can help train and coach your team on the ins and outs of technical SEO.

SEO Site Audit

To make sure that we tackle the most important SEO tasks, I’ll perform an audit of your site and provide you with both technical, on-page, and link building recommendations for your team to implement to increase traffic.

Technical SEO & Link Building

I can help you prioritize which pages to optimize and which to build out. We can walk through and create plans for a link building campaign to implement together.

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Let’s work together.

Small teams can do a lot together. I can help your team find the right priorities for organic search.

Search engine optimization is a great way to attract the right people to your website

Unlike large paid marketing budgets, SEO is a long-term, lean strategy for building a customer base. It’s more than just content.

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