Every week, there are articles and updates coming out from Google and other major SEO sites. Below, you’ll find my favorite updates from the SEO world this week, after all:

Building Indexable Web Apps

This week, Google released a blog post summing up the most important things to considered when building a progressive web app (PWA). From server-side to hybrid rendering, clean URLs, to declaring canonicals — this latest blog post is a must read.
Create Content That Your Audience Will Love
On a non-technical note, the conversation about content marketing hasn’t gone away but for a lot of small and medium business it’s still as tough as ever. I like these actionable strategies from Ronell. They’re simple, straight-forward, and get at the heart of finding what you can create to provide your audience with tangible value.
Entities in the Google Knowledge Graph Search API for Google
Bill Slawski never disappoints when it comes to talking about entities. I’d argue (without looking at specific dates) that he was one of the first people to start talking about how important entities would become to search. In his latest post, he shows how to use the Knowledge Graph Search API to find entities in the knowledge graph.
Google Says it is Now OK To Put Content Behind Tabs
In a conversation on Twitter, Gary Illyes announced that in a mobile-first world content hidden behind tabs for UX would carry the same weight. John Mueller has previously stated that content that is hidden would be ignored by crawlers, so this is a step in quite a different direction for Google and reflects adjustments that are being made for the mobile-first index.
Attributes Coming to GMB Interface Soon
Released in 3.0 of Google My Business, attributes give businesses the ability to add more information to their listing. If you have multiple locations for your business, it looks like you’ll no longer have to rely on the API. It sounds like optimizing for local search is about to get a lot easier!