Customized Guest Posting

Optimizing the text on your site is one of the first steps to ranking well, but if you really want to move the needle on traffic then you’ll need to find other websites to link back to your site.
As a White Hat link builder, I use high-quality guest posts to earn links from relevant and authoritative sites. Instead of gaining links through buying guest posts, I focus on earning link placement through creative content.


High-Quality Guest Posting

For each of my guest posts, I aim for them to fit into the publisher’s platform as if they were written by an in-house content team. By writing articles that support other websites’ missions, I’m able to place articles with real value.
The first step to placing a high-quality guest post is coming up with great ideas. I’ll generate a list of article ideas for you to look over. If you find one you like, I’ll create a piece of content that we can work together to promote. A typical guest blogging campaign includes:

  • Customized pitches for keywords and URLs
  • A list of websites for possible content partnerships
  • Link placement on relevant and authoritative websites

We can work together to shape the guest blogging plan for your business’ needs.


The Main Characteristics

After Google’s Matt Cutts announced the trouble with guest posting, some people were afraid this way of earning links would disappear — and they’d no longer be able to buy guest posts.
However, it’s important to know his announcement was directed toward spammy guest posting — the kind that is solely for exchanging links and not providing other sites with high-quality content.
Instead of gaming publishers, I focus on building relationships and creating content that their audiences will enjoy. All of my high-quality blog posts include:

  • Unique quantitative or qualitative research
  • Information tailored to a publisher’s audience
  • Links back to your website or a specific webpage

By working together, we’ll make sure publishers enjoy and link to share your guest posts.


Why I Love Guest Posting

I love working with publishers and view my work as a way of sharing information that uplifts and inspires.
Rather than simply looking to buy guest posts, I think its more valuable to invest in other people’s content platforms — to share and exchange new ideas with people across the world.
And by investing in one another, I believe we can create a cool online marketplace for the future that supports ourselves and each other.