Why ongoing SEO services?

People and search engines are evolving, which means your strategies and tactics need to regularly adapt too. Ongoing SEO services help you stay competitive with strategy analysis, project management and performance evaluation.


SEO consulting works well for businesses looking to invest in SEO or in-house teams needing extra support in implementing search campaigns.


After helping define your SEO goals, I’ll work side-by-side with your team on developing strategies and implementing different tactics.


We’ll test the performance of our campaigns over 6 to 12 months to create a unique feedback loop for your particular SEO program.

Consulting Services

Keyword Research

It’s an art and a science. My keyword research process incorporates data from multiple tools to help you find ranking opportunities across your conversion funnel. 

Migration Support

There are plenty of horror stories about losing traffic after a site migration. I coach development and marketing teams through the migration process to help prevent traffic loss.

Internationalization & Localization

Preventing duplicate content and ensuring that the right domain ranks in each region is critical to international SEO. I help teams successfully expand to new markets by analyzing and providing implementation support for internationalization and localization.

SEO Content Strategy

People want to read the best content and search engines want to help people find it. I work with teams who want to improve their existing content and businesses who are starting to invest in content for the first time. 

Structured Data

Is a great way to help search engines understand your website. I work with teams to develop a structured data formula for their sites and implement using JSON-LD. 

Technical Monitoring

A well-defined keyword strategy and great content is not enough to rank at the top of search engines. Ongoing support will help you find and eliminate technical problems that hold sites back from being crawled and indexed.

What Clients Say

  • We’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from Austin’s vast array of SEO knowledge and expertise as our company strategy has evolved over the past year. Even though he is a consultant, he feels like an integral part of our marketing team and we are very lucky to work with him!
    Melissa Burke
    Senior Marketing Manager, Skyhook Wireless

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