January flew by before I knew it — and seemed to be a swarm of tickets, a few site fires, and a whole lot of strategic planning. How was your first post-holiday month?

There was plenty of SEO news to keep up with, everything from voice search being all the rage to continued debate over the merits and timeline of AMP. Regardless of where you were, January reminded us all, more so than ever, that we’ve got to get it together this year!

I try to read a fair number of articles to keep me up-to-date with the industry and interested in the work — inspired by the awesome projects that other people are working on too. Below, you’ll find the things that kept me up at night this month, made me think a little deeper, or just made me smile.

The Brilliance of Giorgia Lupi

I’ve never been a fan of the static infographic that is baked from a program with templates — and neither is Giorgia Lupi. After following her work on Medium, I couldn’t help but fall for her data visualizations. Unafraid of embracing complexity, Giorgia reminds us all to slow down when it comes to telling a story with data.

And if you can’t get enough, then I highly recommend checking out her interview on Design Matters with Debbie Millman.

Google Explains What it Means by Crawl Budget

In arguably my favorite Google Webmaster blog post since the release of Search Quality Guidelines in 2015, Google gave us some precious information about what the heck a crawl budget is and hints on how to optimize our sites for it.

Around the same time I was helping a website owner with his crawl budget, Google came out with the news that low-value-add URLs can impact crawl budget. We fixed the crawl errors by redirecting the 404s to their new pages while simultaneously boosting crawl frequency. This post, from Google Webmaster Tools, is full of good info on optimizing the crawl budget of your site.

Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

There are a few really talented SEOs out there that I look up to and Aleyda Solis is one of them.

I stumbled across her guide for HTTP to HTTPs migration and was impressed — her migration standards are thorough. For anyone thinking about making the switch from HTTP to HTTPs, I highly recommend checking out her guide.

Did you read anything this month in SEO or digital marketing that made you think? I’m always looking for reading recommendations and would love to hear about them in the comments below!