About Me

Hey there, I’m Austin.

I help startups and software companies earn traffic from search engines through SEO.

Where I’ve Been

In 2014, I joined the marketing team at a Boston-based online furniture store, Wayfair. I dove head-first into both content and technical SEO as the first analyst on the team. After a brief break to work in-house at a startup, I went back to Wayfair to help manage a team of fun, creative and all around awesome SEOs.

From my time at Wayfair and at the startup, I learned: 

1. At the core of SEO is the practice of acquiring and using data to solve problems.

2. Successful SEO programs depend on feedback loops from testing and people.

3. Not all search opportunities are immediately quantifiable, but they can be measured

After a year being back at Wayfair, I truthfully missed the environment of a startup. From launching content campaigns in a short amount of time to designing new page types that might perform better in search — this is where I really felt at home. 

What I’m Up To Now

I moved from Boston to San Juan in the wake of Hurricane Maria. And I live here now, with my partner and house full of plants, working with startups and mid-size clients on identifying and implementing search strategies.

For inquiries, send me an email or let’s connect on LinkedIn.