From 30 minutes to a whole hour, you want to listen to a podcast that will give you accurate SEO information for your website and won’t put you to sleep while driving home or out for a walk.
Aside from reading SEO articles, I like to sit back and listen to podcasts. Below, you’ll find my favorite SEO podcasts, and yes, I’ve actually listened to them. From technical SEO updates to entrepreneurial tips, these are the ones that keep me in-the-know and fired up about doing SEO.
Experts on the Wire
After a few months of following Dan on Twitter, I was really happy to find his podcast on digital marketing. He interviews industry leaders like Wil Reynolds, Annie Cushing, and Ronell Smith on topics like featured snippets, AMP pages, and branding. This is by far my favorite SEO podcast right now because he shares really accurate information and actionable tips.
New Episodes: Weekly
Average Episode Length: 30 min. – 1 hr.
My Favorite Episodes 

  1. 300+ Links from One Piece of Content in a “Boring” Industry
  2. SEO Is a Partnership Not a Commodity
  3. Instantly Actionable Branding Strategies
  4. Q&A with Dan! Yoast, YouTube SEO, Working for Free?
  5. Rand Fishkin on Influencer Marketing, Whiteboard Friday, Time Travel & More

SEO Rockstars on
In the SEO world, there is a lot of industry news that can be difficult to keep up with. Instead of scrolling through Twitter all the time, I’ve taken a liking to this weekly podcast that has the latest and greatest updates in the search industry, from Google patents to Twitter comments by Gary Illyes.
*Note all links go to the same page, where you’ll find a SoundCloud playlist with all podcast episodes.
New Episodes: Weekly
Average Episode Length: 30-45 min. 
My Favorite Episodes: 

  1. 2016 Internet Trends; Using Moz Content for Mining Local Link Opportunities
  2. Search Engine Journal Guides Analyzed
  3. Google Issues Mass Unnatural Outbound Links Penalties
  4. Unannounced Google Search Update; Everything We Know About the Mobile-First Index
  5. Advanced Data Markups and Local SEO Tips

The Rebel Growth Podcast
Hosted by Borja Obeso, this podcast features interviews with SEOs, entrepreneurs, and social media marketers. Some of his guests include Hubspot’s own Matt Barby. His interviews alternate between strategic and tactical recommendations. And he creates plenty of space for his interviewees to tell their story. This podcast goes beyond the scope of SEO and includes tips about social media marketing as well.
Average Episode Length: 45-50 minutes
My Favorite Episodes

  1. Guest Posting Your Way to a Six Figure Online Business with Aaron Orendorff
  2. How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your Personal Branding with Viveka Von Rosen
  3. Better Rankings by Analyzing Your Analytics and Implementing Small changes with Andy Crestodina
  4. 1 Million Visits Improvement by Using Technical On-Page SEO with Nick Eubanks
  5. Advanced Keyword Research for Finding Hidden Gems with Dan Shure

The Agents of Change: Search, Social, Mobile
Once you’re done listening to technical podcasts for the day, you might want to think about high-level strategy and your overall business. The interview style of this podcast is perfect for just that and Rich Brooks has a strong understanding how to create content that drives SEO traffic.
Average Episode Length: 30-45 min.
My Favorite Episodes:

  1. The Marketers Guide to Reddit with Jon Quinton
  2. How to Optimize Old Blog Posts for Search & Conversions with Pamela Vaughan
  3. Taking the Mystery Out of SEO with Nicki Hicks
  4. How to Come Up with Better Keywords for SEO with Rich Brooks
  5. What Does it Really Take to Win Organic SEO? With Jennifer Christensen & Suzette Bergeron

Search Talk Live – SEM & SEO
Robert O’Haver and Caleb McElveen host this podcast that has really great tips and advice on SEM and SEO, from content marketing to link building. One of their latest interviews with copywriter Heather Lloyd-Martin was all about how to create high-quality content.
New Episodes: Weekly
Average Episode Length: 1 hour
My Favorite Episodes

  1. How to Tell if Your Copy is Crap with Heather Lloyd-Martin
  2. How to Take More Market Share in SERPs with Garrett Mehrguth
  3. How to Build Your SEO Master Plan with François Goube CEO of OnCrawl
  4. Interview with John Mueller Talking AMP & More
  5. How to Dominate Local Search with SEO Expert Jesse McDonald